Liz Douglas
Meditation on a Shepherds Lantern Curved Forms Meditation on a Shepherds Lantern Print Tools for Survival Hawick Thirteen Drifty Days Thirteen Drifty Days - referencing James Hogg 'The Shepherds' Calendar' 19th Century Shepherds Lantern

Meditation on a Shepherds Lantern

'Tools for Survival'
© 2019 Liz Douglas

‘Tools for Survival’ – a conversation between artists Liz Douglas, Jenny Pope and Felicity Bristow

The aim of this new work by Liz Douglas is “Transformation” and what it takes to transform our humble objects into works of art using a variety of materials and methods.

The object of particular interest to me is an 18th century shepherd’s lantern from the Live Borders Selkirk Museum Archive. ‘The Shepherd’s Calendar’ by James Hogg (Edinburgh University Press, 2002) contains historical narratives about shepherds’ in the 17th and 18th century who endured violent snow-storms.

The metaphor of the lantern is one of survival, light and dark, illumination and vision. These metaphors are from a rural environment but equally relevant to an urban environment.

In my investigations into materiality I considered- Can we still read the weather?  Are these observational skills still needed and used? Do we rely too much on the ‘experts’ and the weather apps to tell us what the weather is and is going to be? Are we in danger of losing the ability to observe and make independent decisions which impact on our survival?

Liz Douglas acknowledges support towards this project from a Visual Artist and Craft Maker Award: South of Scotland 2019 in partnership with Creative Scotland.

Liz Douglas: Mire