Liz Douglas
Yellow LightPink 1597Slow ThawMarsh PinkStudy 3Drawing4 panelDuskWalking the BoardGreen Light

Walking the Board
Mixed media on canvas

Seeds of Time 2

This work is inspired by research at Ettrick Marshes.
The project was a part collaboration with Frieda Christie, The Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh and Dr Jon Mercer, Scottish Borders Biological Records, Harestanes.

The quiet richness of the Ettrick Marshes is the inspiration behind this collaborative project. “I try to assimilate the many layers of information, both scientific and sensory associated with a natural site, to produce something which is calm, subtle and surprising.”
Liz Douglas

“One of  the most striking aspects of Liz’s work is the way she delicately layers beautiful colours on top of each other and makes you marvel at a world unseen by the naked eye”.
Elizabeth Hume, Visual Arts Officer, Scottish Borders Council.