Liz Douglas
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Northern Edges
Mixed media on canvas
1.5m x 1.5m





This is a curated group exhibition organised by SSA members Katharine Aarestaad and David C Forster, exhibited at An Talla Solais, Ullapool June 25 to 16 August 2016.

The exhibition title is a subversive play on the word tranquillity, which is so often used to describe beautiful and remote locations such as Ullapool, using the theme as a starting point to explore less traditional approaches to landscape, land, place and the environment in contemporary art.

These two new paper works are a dialogue between the hand-made and the machine-made exploring visible and invisible aspects of my subject matter in order to challenge my own perceptions of landscape.
The idea of ‘land at the edge of the sea’ is a visual metaphor that interests me.

The subject matter that I have researched is three plants first recorded in the Ullapool area in the 1700s which I used to find a way of linking the past with the present and an imagined future.

These plants are found in limestone soil on the edge of the ‘Moine Thrust’. They are plants that were growing there before major changes in land use – fishing, forestry, sporting estates and sheep farming and still exist today. I am also interested in the programmes of a vision to connect habitats in the area just north of Ullapool as part of regeneration projects.

The plants are:
Gall-uninnseann ma creole – Rock whitebeam – sorbus rupicola
Raineach-chuilinn – Holly fern – polystichum lonchitis
Lady’s mantle – alchemilla glaucescens