Liz Douglas
'Way' Ceiling Painting Part 1 'Out of the Mire' Drawing 2 'Out of the Mire' Drawing 3

'Out of the Mire' Drawing 3
dye and etch

'Out of the Mire'
© 2012 Liz Douglas

'Out of the Mire'
Visual Artist Award 2011

A Creative Scotland/ CABN/ Visual Artists Award enabled me time to experiment with the lasercutting process, in relation to painting and print at Heriot Watt University, Galashiels.

I used research material from the Whitlaw Mosses, in the Scottish Borders – a site of special scientific interest, managed by Scottish Natural Heritage.

This project followed on from initial workshop on the lasercutting process with artist Jenny Smith at The Edinburgh Laser Cutting Studio, Wasps Artists Studios, Patriothall, Edinburgh.


Liz Douglas: Out of the Mire